Re: ATC on passengers' headsets

From: (Peter Zadrozny)
Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700 guest)
Date:         30 Aug 95 14:12:50 
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As an avid aeronautic fan, channel 9 is one of the main reasons I will
only fly United. As I have learned over the years this is entirely
pilots discretion, and you will get as many variations on the theme
as arguments captains might have.

If we have to generalize, I would say that domestic 737 and 727 will have
it on and the bigger birds will have it off. On international flights it
can get even more interesting: more than once I had it happen on flights
to/from Mexico City/San Francisco that ATC will be on only when it is
an american ATC. I have this happen also to/from JFK/Caracas, where
ATC was on while the ATC was english speaking.

Going to Europe, only once (SFO/CDG) I had ATC on and that was for the
first 30 minutes after take off and 30 minutes before landing.

Speaking with the different crews there has been a consistent answer
between the ones that don't do it. It's either fear for a lawyer or
it's not any business of the passenger. The lawyer one is the most
popular, and once a captain got really worked up when I asked why,
I guess he had been bitten by that animal...