Re: ATC on passengers' headsets

From: (Pavel Beker)
Organization: CRL Dialup Internet Access
Date:         30 Aug 95 14:12:49 
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  or MIME structure (Mark Kinsler ) writes:

>I'd be interested in this, too.  Is it generally possible to listen to
>ATC radio from inside the aircraft on your own battery-powered receiver?

Yes, but... unless you have either a very good radio or a very good
antenna, you will likely lose the ground-side of communications well
before you reach the flight levels... thus, you only get the
crew's responses to ATC -- not much fun...

Also, make sure the airline allows this -- virtually none will allow use of
any electronics below 10,000 feet;  the time between 10,000 and when the
radio gives out doesn't leave much, unfortunately.

Please post if you find otherwise!
-- Paul