Temporary halt in MD-11 production next year?

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Date:         06 Feb 95 02:45:19 
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Today's Wall Street Journal has an article which described a possible
shutdown of MD-11 production in 1996 of up to six months.  Currently,
only ten MD-11s are scheduled for delivery next year (a measly 17 were
delivered in 1994) although the article says at least 45 firm orders
are on the books.  The continuing delays in completing the Saudi order
are complicating matters since Douglas had expected that deal to
include at least ten MD-11 orders, many for delivery in 1996.

The article also notes American's sale of most of its MD-11 fleet to
FedEx, and alleges talks between Delta and other manufacturers about
trade-ins of the Delta MD-11 fleet on competing aircraft.  Given the
moves by Delta to get rid of their Airbus A310s in order to simplify
their fleet, this would seem to suggest interest in the 777.

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