Re: ATC on passengers' headsets

Organization: Indiana State University
Date:         27 Aug 95 14:37:17 
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In article <airliners.1995.1283@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Henry Law) writes:
>I'd appreciate watching a discussion among the more informed and
>professional members of this group along the lines of:

>1. What is the prevailing attitude among the airlines to allowing
>   passengers to listen to ATC?  I can't believe that it is a security
>   exposure, given the prevalence of air band radios on the ground.
>2. What do pilots themselves think?

Henry -

I know that on United, at least domestically, channel 9 on ur audio selector
panel used to bring up VHF COMM #1, the primary nav radio.  It may not now.
Its operation was subject to captains discretion, but everytime i asked,
which was every time I flew UAL, i was never turned down.

Ill never forget when i discovered this nifty little trick.  We were holding
at the penalty box at ORD awaiting for departure on runway 9R.  I was ticked
at the classical channel not being that great when i decided to channel
surf, and heard someone say "ohare tower" in my ears.  I about flipped.
Needless to say, my audio panel never left that channel for the remainder of
the flight.

UAL also passed out passenger survey forms on that flight, and i definitely
let them know that i, as an airliner nut, i really appreciated the ability
to listen in.