Re: ATC on passengers' headsets

From: (Mark Gitlitz)
Organization: Hitachi Data Systems
Date:         27 Aug 95 14:37:17 
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>I'd appreciate watching a discussion among the more informed and
>professional members of this group along the lines of:

>1. What is the prevailing attitude among the airlines to allowing
>   passengers to listen to ATC?  I can't believe that it is a security
>   exposure, given the prevalence of air band radios on the ground.
>2. What do pilots themselves think?

The only US airline (that I know of) which still does this is UA. Even
then, it is at the discretion of the Left Seat. AA used many years
ago. This was stopped (so I was told) after a Lawyer heard what he
though was a near miss situation (it wasn't). He made AA's life
miserable as he tried to find out why this wasn't written up.

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