747 fuel flow during T0

From:         Nik Waalewijn <nwaalewijn@dataweb.nl>
Organization: Desorganised Inc.
Date:         27 Aug 95 14:37:15 
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Last week somebody asked about the 747 fuel flow during take off.  Because
the answers were not all the same I've been looking for some data in the
CMC.  I have found a full rated T.O.  at max.  weight and a derated T.O.
at very light weight so you can see the difference.

The aircraft is a 747-400 series, CF6 engines:

TOW: 396.900 kg (= MaxTOW)
SAT: 24 C
N1: 106 percent (full rated)
Fuel Flow: 9700 kg/hr/eng

TOW: 233.000 kg (= very light)
SAT: 11 C
N1: 95 percent (max. derated)
Fuel Flow: 7000 kg/hr/eng

All data was measured just after lift off at a sea level airport.

Nik Waalewijn <nwaalewijn@dataweb.nl>