LAUDA 767 Crash '91.

From:         eddy <>
Organization: Computer Science, University of Liverpool, UK
Date:         27 Aug 95 14:37:12 
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Hi there

Re; Lauda Air 767 Accident.

Can anybody tell me if the Thai authorities have released their findings on
this accident?? It seems to me that politics may have a part to play in the
wording/rewording of the conclusions, and thus the long wait .... I have
been told confidentially by those in the know that this is due to the large
lawsuits that are pending...

The PW4000 is completely fly-by-wire? Was this most definitely a mechanical
failure? It seems unbelievable that deployment could occur whilst climbing
through 28000 feet on max climb thrust.

I'm not familiar with this particular engine. Can anybody tell me if the
cockpit has both 'reverse' and 'reverse isolation valve' lights? I know
that there was indication just prior to the deployment, and that the crew
didn't particularly worry - WHY???? I would have thought that this is obv.
a potentially serious situation (as it turned out to be...).

Please cc: any replies to this newsgroup to as I don't read
it as often as I should/could.

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