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Subject: thoughts on the A330

>Since the launch of the B777, the A330 has not been doing very well.  The
>A330 program has not secured any new orders for quite a while.  In the
>past few years, only Aer Lingus and Hong Kong's DragonAir have been added
>to the A330 customer list.  However, Aer Lingus' A330s are leased from
>Air Inter (the launch customer) which has also deferred many of its
>Similarly, DragonAir's A330 was originally ordered by Cathay Pacific.  I
>believe in TWA's first bankruptcy filing, TWA's A330 order was halved.
>More recently, the financially-troubled Garuda Indonesian Airways have
>cancelled (or will cancel) three of the nine planes ordered.

This is not a direct comment on his posting, but might be an interesting
sidebar for some.  I was at a Pacific Rim airline talking to their fleet
captains about an upgrade to the 747-400.  During a break I asked some of
them how their newly ordered (but not delivered) A330s were going to fit
into their fleet picture.  They were somewhat concerned because of the
speed they were going to have to fly the airplanes.  According to them,
the A330 and A340 are speed limited due to a buffet problem.  Basically,
they told me that the wing had been a common design between the A330/340
and not tuned for the placement of either two or four engines.  The speed
limit they were quoting was .78M!

In Pacific Rim operations, speed turns into altitude.  The ATC folks tend
to put the faster airplanes high and relegate the slower airplanes to a
lower (and less efficient altitudes).  This potential operational
restriction must be taken into account when flight planning and translates
directly into payload on takeoff limited flights.


David Allen
Boeing Flight Management Systems
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