ATC on passengers' headsets

From: (Henry Law)
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Date:         23 Aug 95 23:38:31 
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In a recent post on another subject, a contributor mentioned listening
to the ATC communications on the in-flight headset.  At one time I flew
AA from MAN to ORD several times in one year and listening to the voice
traffic was of great interest to me (as a fully paid-up, case-hardened
aeroplane nut).  Then one day I settled into my seat westbound and found
the channel had been reallocated, "for security reasons" I was told.

I'd appreciate watching a discussion among the more informed and
professional members of this group along the lines of:

1. What is the prevailing attitude among the airlines to allowing
   passengers to listen to ATC?  I can't believe that it is a security
   exposure, given the prevalence of air band radios on the ground.
2. What do pilots themselves think?

Henry Law             <><
Manchester, England