Re: JT-8D Hush Kits

From:         Steve Lacker <>
Organization: applied research laboratories
Date:         23 Aug 95 23:38:31 
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  or MIME structure (R. & L. Chilukuri) wrote:
>2. JT-8D's are installed on B737s, DC8-?, MD80s. ... and ??

You're missing the plane the engine was essentially designed for: the B727
Also, I'm not familiar with any DC-8 application, so I assume you meant DC-9.
>3. The MD80s are extremely noisy during takeoff, but are acceptable during
>approach and landing?
>4. MD80s have been banned from John Wayne (Orange County) and in Switzerland
>because of noise issues.. true?

MD-80's use JT8D-2xx series engines which are a higher bypass ratio, much
quieter than earlier JT8D's (JT8D-1x), and (I think, others will correct if I'm
wrong) meet stage III noise requirements. MD-80s are very quiet planes, IMHO,
but in truth they are probably just marginally stage III. They definitely seem
a little louder than CFM-56 powered 737s (series 300-700).  DC-9's, B737's
(series 100-200) and B727's use the older generation noisier JT8D-1x engines.

>10. What is the market for hush kits. Is it true that American is furious
>with McDonnell Douglas because of all the noise MD80s that they are saddled
>with (how many?).

Don't know here, but I doubt it. From what I've heard, most operators love
MD-80's because they are very efficient, quiet, have the high reliability of
JT8Ds, and are nearly as quiet as later 737's. (but as a passenger my opinion
of the 5-abreast, no-headroom MD-80, DC-9, and F-100  is QUITE the opposite).
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