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From: (Andrew Chuang)
Organization: International Internet Association.
Date:         03 Feb 95 11:16:38 
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: Karl Swartz is undoubtably correct with regard to the BA 767.  The RR- 
: engined aircraft is not going to be popular with many airlines.  The same will 
: apply to the RR-engined 747-400 aircraft in the near future.  Only a few 
: airlines operate this version and therefore maintenance and spares become a 
: major factor in the second-hand market.

If you are talking about the B767 or the B747-200/300, I will agree with
you.  R-R engines are on 5-15% of the aforementioned aircraft.  However,
on the 747-400, R-R actually has a very respectable market share.
Roughly, the market shares for P&W, GE, and R-R on the -400 are 35%, 40%,
and 25%, respectively.  Most importantly, R-R's customers are very healthy
(British Airways, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, and South
Africa).  BA and CPA are the no. 2 and no. 3 most profitable airlines in
the world.  None of the five airlines have cancelled any -400 orders.  The
same cannot be said for P&W's and GE's customers.

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