Comments on aircraft order update

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Date:         23 Aug 95 23:38:27 
Organization: International Internet Association.
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In the last update, I said that I would only post the new orders for the
second half.  Well, I lied. ;-)  In the past few weeks, I was able to get
some totals for the first half, and I have corrected some of the mistakes
in the previous postings.  Therefore, the August update still contains the
complete listing for the year.  I'm most grateful to Stephen Nicoud at
Boeing whose info were extremely helpful.  I also got an e-mail from an MD
marketing person, but she did not offer any help.  I have not heard from
any Airbus personell, yet.

Some comments:

1. I took out China's order of 20 MD90s from the list.  I believe the
   MD90 was a part of the Trunkliner deal signed a few years back.  The
   announcement during the Paris Air Show was only meant to inform the
   public which Chinese airlines got those 20 MD90s (China Northern will
   get 11, and China Eastern 9).

2. Comparing with Flight International's total, I found out that I missed
   an A340 and a B747 order from my list.  Thus, I added those two
   orders to the list with unknown operators.  My A320+A321 total is
   correct, but the individual total is different from Flight
   International's, so is my B737 total.

4. I saw two reports on EgyptAir's order of three B777s (in addition to
   three A340s).  However, I can't confirm it, so I listed it as a letter
   of intent.

5. I listed Air China's potential order of 15 B777s as reported by Wall
   Street Journal.  However, with Sino-American relationship at one of
   its lowest points, it'll take a while to sign the actual contract.

6. The cancellation list is hopeless for me to keep track of.  Next time,
   I will leave it out.  The new known cancellation total is mostly based
   on Flight International's numbers.

  H Andrew Chuang