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Date:         17 Aug 95 04:58:54 
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>2. JT-8D's are installed on B737s, DC8-?, MD80s. ... and ??

727, 737, DC-9, Dassault-Breguet Mercure, and a few Caravelles (though
most had RR Avons).  The MD-80 series uses the much-upgraded JT8D-200
series.  The DC-8 did not use the JT8D; it used the JT3D, JT4D, Rolls-
Royce Conway.  (The DC-8 Super 70 series is a re-engined version with
CFM56 engines).

>4. MD80s have been banned from John Wayne (Orange County) and in Switzerland
>because of noise issues.. true?

Apparently not true for SNA (Orange County), at least -- I just checked
a recent OAG and see both TWA and Alaska flying there with MD-80s.  All
of American's flights appear to be 757s, though I'm pretty sure I've
seen them use MD-80s there in the past.

>7. Nordam successfully meets Stage 3 noise regulations ????

I assume so -- there wouldn't be much market for them if they didn't
meet Stage 3 requirements.

>8. Nordam's hush kit was not to blame in the recent grounding of B737s
>in New Zealand.


>10. What is the market for hush kits. Is it true that American is furious
>with McDonnell Douglas because of all the noise MD80s that they are saddled
>with (how many?).

American has 260 MD-80s, mostly MD-82s with a few MD-83s.  They are
already Stage 3 compliant so I can't imagine there being a market for
hush kits for them.

For older DC-9s, there's probably a pretty good market for hush kits.
Northwest alone will be buying on the order of 100 shipsets.  USAir
has a large DC-9 fleet, too, and all those ValuJet DC-9s will need
to be muzzled.  That's just in the US.

There are large fleets of 727s and 737-200s that will also need to
be quieted down or replaced.  There's not much time left to replace
them, so many will probably end up with hush kits too.

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