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>Speaking of re-engining programs, I just read in AW&ST that UPS is
>re-engining six of its 727s with RR engines.  Apparently, they had
>previously re-engined the rest of their fleet of 727s.

They've re-engined a little over half of their 727s, with Rolls-Royce
Tay 651-54 engines.

>First, considering that the 727 is a 20 year old (in some cases, 30
>years old) aircraft, how much more service life can be expected from
>these aircraft before maintenance costs alone ground them

Considering that there are *still* a few DC-3s in service, I don't
think UPS should have much problem squeezing more life out of these
aircraft.  Northwest is upgrading many of the DC-9s, some of which
are even older than UPS' oldest 727, and expects them to be flying
with them for at least another 15 years.

>after reading the article, I remembered how several months ago I
>noticed a Delta 727 at San Diego that had winglets mounted on its
>wingtips ... Does anyone have the details on this aircraft?

That's the Valsan conversion, two of which were done (both for Delta)
before the company went under.  There was some discussion about the
project in this newsgroup a while back -- check out the archives,
available for anonymous ftp on (in /chicago/airliners)
and on

>One thing I am curious about is if Delta had this aircraft re-engined.


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