Re: B737 Hush Kits

From: (Rom Solene)
Organization: Netcom
Date:         17 Aug 95 04:58:53 
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In <airliners.1995.1233@ohare.Chicago.COM> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl
Swartz) writes:
>The -200 does in fact have fanjets, though not with a very high bypass
>ratio, and certainly not as efficient as those on newer aircraft.  I
>haven't heard of any re-engining programs, though there are several
>for the 727, which uses similar models of the JT8D engine.

Speaking of re-engining programs, I just read in AW&ST that UPS is
re-engining six of its 727s with RR engines.  Apparently, they had
previously re-engined the rest of their fleet of 727s.  First,
considering that the 727 is a 20 year old (in some cases, 30 years old)
aircraft, how much more service life can be expected from these
aircraft before maintenance costs alone ground them (assuming that the
new engines quench the fuel thirst of the old engines).  Secondly,
after reading the article, I remembered how several months ago I
noticed a Delta 727 at San Diego that had winglets mounted on its
wingtips.  At the time, I was working in a highrise with a spectacular
view of the airport and I saw the aircraft make scheduled runs over a
several week period (since I'm in a different location now I don't know
if it still flies in).  Does anyone have the details on this aircraft?
One thing I am curious about is if Delta had this aircraft re-engined.
I watched it take-off once while I was standing in a parking lot at the
end of the runway - I didn't notice any difference in noise level
between it and the other 727s that service the airport.

R.S. Solene