757 engines (was Re: Long term storage)

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>: RR has been the clear winner on the 757, with about two-thirds of
>: the 757s having RR RB.211 engines (the remainder have P&W PW2000s).

>Two-thirds?  No, that's an exaggeration.  R-R has around 55% of the market.

Given how large the Delta, Northwest, United, and PW2000-equipped UPS
fleets are, that does make sense in retrospect.  But what about door
number 3?

A few months ago, either Airliners or Airways had an article comparing
the 757 and Tu-204.  Don't laugh, the Russians build a good airframe,
and with western engines, avionics, and interior, it's a fare more
formidable competitor to the 757 than the A321, at least on technical

Anyway, the article mentioned that one airline in the former Soviet
Union asked Boeing if they would put PS90 engines on the 757.  Boeing
obviously said no and the airline wound up buying the Tu-204, but it
was an amusing thought.  God knows why anyone would actually want such
a mutt.

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