Re: landing flaps

From:         Nik Waalewijn <>
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Date:         17 Aug 95 04:58:50 
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  or MIME structure (Susan Leibowitz ) wrote:
>Is it unusual to not extend the wing flaps until after the landing gear
>has been deployed?
>When I was coming into LAX the other day on a 737, we were cleared to
>land (I was listening on the headphones to ATC), when the gear was
>deployed....and then the flap were extended.  I wanted to ask the
>pilots but they never came out of the cockpit.

It is not a standard procedure to lower the gear before extending flaps.
But maybe they were coming in high and fast and then lowering the gear is
a good way to lose speed and/or altitude because it gives a lot of drag.
On most aircraft the max. speed for putting the gear down is much higher
than the flap extension speed.

Nik Waalewijn  <>