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Date:         17 Aug 95 04:58:50 
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Susan Leibowitz  <> wrote:
>Is it unusual to not extend the wing flaps until after the landing gear
>has been deployed?
>When I was coming into LAX the other day on a 737, we were cleared to
>land (I was listening on the headphones to ATC), when the gear was
>deployed....and then the flap were extended.  I wanted to ask the
>pilots but they never came out of the cockpit.


I assume you were flying United since you were listening to ATC.

United's 737-200 approach plan goes something like this (I assume the other
737s are similar)

Power to flight idle
Slowing through 220 KIAS - flaps to 1
Flap 1 lights on - flaps to 5
Slowing through 170 KIAS power to 2800 pounds (fuel flow) to maintain 160 KIAS
Join the localizer (a radio beacon emitted along the extended centerline)
1.5 dots below glideslope - gear down
1.0 dots below glideslope - flaps 15
0.5 dots below glideslope - flaps 30, final descent checklist

The gear is lowered to help increase drag and get the airplane started on
the proper descent path.  I think it is also done first to give the gear
time to get locked into place so when the final descent checklist is read
they will be down and there will be "three in the green"...three lights
showing that all three legs are down and locked.
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