ATR Falls on Tail (almost) (Was Prop Brake)

Organization: UTRC
Date:         17 Aug 95 04:58:49 
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Commutrdog writes (barked? ;-):
>I fly the ATR and it is the only turboprop in production (as far as I
>know) which has a prop brake.


>The design of the ATR is such that for passenger boarding, either an
>external power source must be available or an engine must be running.  If

  I made another interesting observation during my (one-and-only) ATR flight.

  While we were standing in line to board at the rear stairs, we observed
  the nose gear lift off the ground about two feet!  I was convinced the
  tail-cone was going to hit the ramp.  A quick thinking baggage handler
  jumped up into the cargo area (fwd, near cockpit), and the nose

  I've heard stories about large jets falling on their tails, but it was
  cool to see it happen.  (Did you ever see the picture of the 727
  popping a "wheelie" after a snow storm deposited heavy snow on the

  Are you ATR pilots familiar with this happening??