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From: (Andrew Chuang)
Organization: International Internet Association.
Date:         03 Feb 95 11:16:38 
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:
: >What is undesireable about the Rolls Royce engines?

: It's not so much that the RR engines are undesireable as that a 767
: equipped with them is rather an oddball, which as another poster
: points out tends to increase maintenance and spares costs, making
: for a less desireable aircraft.

China's Yunnan Airlines will become the second operator for the R-R powered
B767.  However, they ordered the R-R engines for the B767 most likely
because they wanted to avoid paying penalty for converting 3 R-R powered
B757s to 3 B767s.

: As for the engines themselves, the RB.211 is a very respectable
: engine.  It's worth noting that RR has been the clear winner on the
: 757, with about two-thirds of the 757s having RR RB.211 engines (the
: remainder have P&W PW2000s).

Two-thirds?  No, that's an exaggeration.  R-R has around 55% of the market.

: Counting by customers, RR is probably
: even further ahead,

By customer count, R-R probably has 80-85% of the customers.


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