Re: BA fuel dumping

From:         Nik Waalewijn <>
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Date:         17 Aug 95 04:58:46 
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Pedro Miguel Silva de Barros <> wrote:
>[.....] but imagine the following scenario:
>flight destination is on a very remote area, therefore
>destination divertion requires a lot of fuel, maybe
>the divertion fuel makes the arrival weight higher than
>MLW requiring the crew to dump fuel prior to landing,
>if destination weather and other conditions uppon approach
>mean a safe landing will be made.
>Would this ever happen?

You don't plan a flight in such a way that, after a normal flight, you
would arrive at your destination with an amount of fuel that would lead
to an overweight landing. If you have a very high diversion fuel than you
have to take less payload (pax, cargo etc.). In other words your Take Off
Weight is now limited because of your Max. Landing Weight.

Nik Waalewijn  <>