Re: 747-300 Question

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Organization: International Internet Association.
Date:         14 Aug 95 03:43:37 
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Jennings Heilig  <> wrote:
>Why are Thai and Varig's -300s with CF6s the only ones with this
>particular style of fan cowling?  The earlier CF6 powered airplanes had a
>"potbellied" type fan cowling, not the more cylindrical type on the
>airplanes in question.  The nacelle actually looks exactly like the one
>on the CF6 powered 767s...

Now, I know what the confusion is.  You're absolutely correct.  Thai has
two and Varig has three -300s powered by the CF6-80C2B1.  (I think these
are the only five.)  All the other GE-powered -300s use CF6-50E2 engines.
The -400 use -80C2B1F which is a higher thrust version of the same engine
used in the Thai -300s and the newer Varig -300s.  However, I don't know
if the wing root fairing is of the -400 type or not.  I have not seen a
picture of those aforementioned planes.

  H Andrew Chuang