Jet Engine Rev Ups for Take Off

From:         Mark Wiklund <>
Organization: Houghton Mifflin Company - I.T. Education
Date:         14 Aug 95 03:43:37 
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Having watched jet departures from the open air decks at
Logan airport since a boy, and more recently having done
much travel, I have always noticced that when a jet
revs up for take off, it seems to go to half-power
for a second or two before proceeding to take-off
power - as if it was a two step process. Is this half-step
process with all engines, or spooling up engines
individually, or simply a misperception on my part?

Thanks for the info. I've been lurking in this group a great
while and, as a "mere" lover of airplanes, enjoyed your
discussions greatly.