Re: Long term storage

From: (Andrew Chuang)
Organization: International Internet Association.
Date:         03 Feb 95 11:16:37 
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:

: While the photo captions didn't say so, I'd guess they were 767-200s.
: As far as I can trace, BA only had 5 of those, and while quite new,
: their smaller size and oddball nature (to BA) relative to the 767-300
: probably make them one of the first aircraft to be sidelined when the
: traffic levels are down.

This is probably not true.  BA's first B767 was delivered in 89, it was
a -300ER.  BA's first -200ER was delivered around 92.  If BA has 5 -200s,
that means they have received 2 new -200s in 1994.  Then, I doubt the -200s
are in long term storage.

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