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Date:         14 Aug 95 03:43:33 
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>A question that I've not heard answered is whether the 737-200 can either
>be refurbished to a -300 or otherwise fitted with fanjets ...

You probably want to ask about the -500, which is the same length as
the -200 whereas the -300 is stretched roughly ten feet.  In any case,
the heavier engines of the newer models, and especially their forward
position, necessitated the repositioning of the wing further back on
the fuselage to maintain a reasonable CG.  There are lots of other
changes, too, but clearly, upgrading a 737-200 to a -500 (or -300)
would be infeasible.

The -200 does in fact have fanjets, though not with a very high bypass
ratio, and certainly not as efficient as those on newer aircraft.  I
haven't heard of any re-engining programs, though there are several
for the 727, which uses similar models of the JT8D engine.

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