Re: 747 fuel consumption question

From: (Jay Vassos-Libove)
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Date:         14 Aug 95 03:43:30 
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On a recent flight from Narita airport (Tokyo, Japan) nonstop
to Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, the 747-400 we rode
took off at 825,000 pounds, and landed at about 515,000 pounds
with something like 5,000 pounds fuel margin once we parked at
the gate.  (I'm quite sure of my take off weight number - I
could be off a bit on my landing weight and fuel reserve

We were a full flight (that Japan Air Lines 747-400 is
configured for about 360 seats - there is a HUGE Business Class),
but of course I have no idea how much luggage/cargo we were
carrying.  The aircraft is rated for MGTOW of 850,000 pounds
under the best of circumstances.

So, the answer to your first question is "you can put over
300,000 pounds of fuel in to a 747-400".

How much it uses to take off depends on how heavy it is at
take off.

Large civilian jets use jet fuel which is sort of like kerosene,
so it should be well under US$1.00/gallon.  Of course, there are
taxes and such, so that actual cost I dunno.

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