Lemon Smell

From:         Andre Berger <aberger@innet.be>
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Date:         14 Aug 95 03:43:29 
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Hello ladies and gentlemen
Look what surprised me yesterday:
Excerpt from a Magazine
FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL, 9-15 August 1995. (Gunter Endres).

What would you do if you are a pilot and smell lemons in the cockpit? You
would most likely assume that the cabin staff is serving a gin and tonic,
or cleaning the toilets and you would probably ignore it. What you probably
will not do, although you should, is grab the oxygen mask and land at the
nearest airport.  The pleasantly refreshing citrus fragrance could be
coming from a pressurized container of Rainboe windscreen rain repellent,
leaking a highly toxic compound (Freon 113). .... .
- the toxic can cause irritations, nausea, ... even unconsciousness.
- older rain repellent bottles may even contain the unscented version
  of Freon 113.
- some US pilots had problems (one was even medical unfit for 1 year)
  in flight.
- pilots complain that their airlines have not made them aware that a
  strong lemon smell has been introduced to aid in detection in the event
  of a leak.
- production of Rainboe is to cease (ecological reasons).
- IFALPA argues that the rain repellent should be phased out altogether.

Did you know that?

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