Re: ATR Prop Brake ???

From: (Marco Ghisalberti)
Organization: Italia Online
Date:         14 Aug 95 03:43:27 
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>  I recently flew a short leg on an ATR aircraft.  I noticed when the crew
>  My question...  How many turboprop aircraft are equipped with a "prop
>  brake", and why?

I don't know how many aircrafts are equipped with propeller brake but
the device is installed to use the right engine turbine as a source of
electricity and air conditioning for ground only use. When the right
prop is locked, the engine is running the "hotel mode" and the
throttles are not allowed to move out of ground idle. As a former ATR
pilot I really didn't like "hotel mode" due to the very low air
conditioning flow and the impossibility to use it during aft cargo
loading. ( right engine exausts directly to the aft cargo door ).
Another disadvantage is that during refuelling the right engine must
be stopped because the fuel intake is on the right wing, too close to
the engine running.

Marco Ghisalberti
Bergamo, Italy