Re: Boeing 7J7

From: (Mark Brown)
Date:         08 Aug 95 02:18:26 
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Pete Mellor writes:
> Bryan Opalka <> asked on 28 Jul 95 02:53:22:-
> > With all the talk about the 717 here lately, it got me thinking of
> > another Boeing airliner that I have not heard much about for quite a
> > while...the 7J7.
> >
> > Does anyone know that status of that project?
> The 7J7 was Boeing's original proposal to develop a fully fly-by-wire
> competitor to the A320 (similar size, similar market niche, etc.) in
> collaboration with a Japanese firm ...

I believe the project is still being kept alive by two engineers
somewhere in Japan as they try to negotiate with Boeing for the
construction of a New Small Airliner -- however, with Boeing just
having launched the 737-700 et alia, this seems unlikely. There are
also other potential collaborators in the area in the form of Korea
and China; however, everyone wants to build it and no-one wants to
finance it.


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