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Date:         08 Aug 95 02:18:26 
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In article <airliners.1995.1153@ohare.Chicago.COM> Pete Mellor <> writes:
>The 7J7 was Boeing's original proposal to develop a fully fly-by-wire
>competitor to the A320 (similar size, similar market niche, etc.)

It was a technology project that may or may not have turned into a
product.  I never saw anything that indicated it was a competitor to the
A320; size and range indications were more along the lines of a shortish
MD-80 or thereabouts.

It also incorporated a number of technology features that were quite a bit
more radical than the A320, such the unducted propfans, not to mention a
proposal to use fly-by-light, as well as passenger and crew accomodations
which are just now being rolled into the 777 (flat-panel LCD displays, etc).
Quite a bit of 7J7 technology has found its way into later airplanes.

The motivating factor in the project was high fuel prices, i.e., to see
whether an advanced-technology very-cheap-to-run aircraft was feasible.
Once fuel prices plummeted in the mid-80s, airlines lost all interest in the
project, so, "poof."  Airbus likely proceeded with the A320 since it was
a much more conventional aircraft, and would have been far cheaper to
develop.  Boeing decided to address those markets with the 737 line, which
provide comparable operating and acquisition costs to the A320 derivatives.

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