Re: Unjamming Gear on 747 - how?

From:         katie@physics12.Berkeley.EDU (Katie Schwarz)
Organization: University of California, Berkeley
Date:         08 Aug 95 02:18:25 
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Dr. Erdelen <> wrote:
> - Is poppin-jammed-gear-by-pullin-g's an acknowledged procedure for
>   airliners, or at all a viable RL(tm), as opposed to TV, option?

I remember a Trump Shuttle flight trying to do exactly this when
landing at Boston in the summer of 1989. I don't remember the type of
aircraft, probably a 727 or 737. They went out over the ocean and did
some "roller coaster" motions, trying to dislodge the jammed nose
gear, but it didn't work. Finally they dumped fuel and landed with the
nose gear up. There was a picture of the plane sliding down the runway
tipped forwards with sparks flying from the nose on the front page of
the Boston Globe the next day. The passengers used the exit slides,
and the only injury was a cut finger.

Katie Schwarz