Re: Another 747 question

From: (Ted Cochran)
Organization: Honeywell Technology Center
Date:         08 Aug 95 02:18:24 
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In article <airliners.1995.1159@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Jennings Heilig
<> wrote:

>         Why is window spacing not even down the length of a fuselage?
> For example, a 737-200 has five windows ahead of the overwing exit hatch
> spaced closer together than the rest of them.  This is hard to notice
> unless you look closely.  I know that on 737-300s, -400s, and -500s (and
> 767s and 757s) there is a missing window due to the air conditioning
> risers, but that is a different situation.  I thought a "frame" length
> would be the same all the way down the constant section area of the
> fuselage, but apparently not...

There's usually metal, not window, in the plane of  the fan disk.  That
way an uncontained blade failure would more likely result in a surprising
"ping!" instead of an even more surprising shrapnel wound...