Re: 747 escape slides etc.

From: (Ted Gallop)
Organization: Curtin University of Technology
Date:         08 Aug 95 02:18:23 
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In article <airliners.1995.612@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Das Pork) writes:
>From: (Das Pork)
>Subject: 747 escape slides etc.
>Date: 12 May 95 03:22:48

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>The cockpit also has five inertia reel handles and cables which can be
>held to lower each crewmember to the ground via the escape hatch on the
>ceiling above the flight engineer's station.

There are no escape hatches or inertia reels on the flight deck of a B747.

You may be confusing it with the B707 which had four inertia reels and an
'escape' hatch over the navigator's desk (left hand side of flight deck behind
observers fold down seat which is behind the captain's seat)

If escape is/was necessary, skinny crew members could exit via the
overhead hatch or either the captain's or first officer's slide-back window
(number 2 window). the troube with the tch is that there is/was a danger you
could rip your balls off on the (conveniently placed) pitot tube as you slid
over the side. From memory, the Pan Am pilots in Karachi were in a B707 and
escaped using the inertia reels through the left hand sliding window.

Ted Gallop