Re: airplane fuel question

From:         Brad Gillies <>
Organization: Internex Online, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (416 363 3783)
Date:         08 Aug 95 02:14:41 
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  or MIME structure (ZACHARY R. TOMCICH) wrote:
>a friend of mine and i got in a tiny trivial argument over the content of
>airplane fuel.  I always thought it was a very pure version of gasoline.
>My friend thinks its more along the lines of crude kerosine.

Well it depends on the fuel you are talking about. Jet fuel is similar to
diesel fuel (I said similar). It is actually kerosene. (No added waxes or
lubricants).  Avgas however is high grade gasoline (Hight grade as in
quality control) The octane ratings vary from 80/87 to 100/130. This fuel
would be used only in piston powered aircraft.

AME(Canada), A&P(US)
Soon to be PP-ASEL