Re: airplane fuel question

From: (David Lesher)
Organization: NRK Clinic for habitual NetNews Abusers - Beltway Annex
Date:         08 Aug 95 02:14:40 
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  or MIME structure (ZACHARY R. TOMCICH) writes:

>a friend of mine and i got in a tiny trivial argument over the content of
>airplane fuel.  I always thought it was a very pure version of gasoline.
>My friend thinks its more along the lines of crude kerosine.

JET-A is pure kerosine. On the pipeline I used to work on, a batch
arrived, went to local holding tanks and sat. After ?24?  hours, a
sample went to the lab where it had to pass 15-odd tests before it
could be released to the airport. At the airport, it was filtered
(twice!) before release to the fueler trucks and hydrant system.

I don't recall it ever failing, but if it did, it would have been
pumped over to the {much larger} #1 Kerosine tankage. When we needed,
in a big hurry, 25-odd clean tank trucks to haul Jet-A, they were
given half loads (so they'd slosh) of Jet-A, and that was delivered
to Conrail as "Kerosine". Only then the trucks could be used to haul

Note that JP4 that the military uses is JetA plus all kinds of nasty
light end stuff such as naptha...