Re: Question on Anti-icing Agent for Jet Fuel

From: (Bob Furtaw)
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Date:         08 Aug 95 02:14:39 
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> Can anyone tell me the names of the chemicals that are added to jet fuel
> to prevent it from freezing? I'm curious because I just read (in Noon's
> "Engineering Analysis of Fires and Explosions") that one ought to have
> one's affairs in order before pouring an anti-icing agent from a plastic
> bucket into a tank of jet fuel.

According to my Citation manual:
MIL-I-27686E must be added with fuel that does not contain anti-icing
additives...  Excessive additive may cause fuel tank damage or erroneous
fuel quantity indication...(then a formular for the ratio).
Then another warning...Anti-icing additives containing Ethylene Glycol
Monomethyl Ethel (EGME) are harmful if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed
through the skin, and will cause eye irritation.  Also, it is combustible.
Before using this material, refer to all safety information on the

The short version...  I ask for PRIST (brandname) to be added.

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