Re: Boeing 747-400

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Date:         08 Aug 95 01:45:13 
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Adam Finan <> wrote:
>Does anybody have any sales brochures etc for the Boeing 747-400. The
>-400 series is a passion of mine and I am looking for anything to do
>with it.

May I suggest that you write to Boeing's Public Relations Department.
When I was a teenager, I wrote to Boeing's PR several times and got a
lot of goodies from them.  However, that was long long time ago, I don't
know if they are still that generous with all the cost-cutting.

BTW, my friend wrote to Aibus's PR and got some goodies, too.  However, I
had written to Airbus twice, and they never sent me anything, not even a
reply.  Perhaps, that's why I like Boeing more than Airbus. ;-)

  H Andrew Chuang