Re: [Q] normal practice if an engine fail @ t.o.?

From: (Eric Olesen)
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Date:         03 Feb 95 01:47:29 
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Peter J. Coe ( wrote:

: The second was an aborted take off at Harare in a 747, which in many ways was
: far more dramatic.  That was a problem with the number 4 engine just not
: coming up to speed.  I have no idea how close we were to V1 (the speed at 
: which the plane cannot safely abort take-off), but we were certainly clocking
: along.  More curious with that one, was as there was not a lot of traffic at
: that airport, the pilot was allowed to stay on the runway whilst he tried
: reving the engine.  We must have been there for the best part of an hour
: before we returned to the terminal.

I think that the real reason you stayed on the runway (or taxiway) was 
the brakes... on an aborted takeoff, you run the risk of overheating the 
brakes from the high speed, and more importantly, blowing tires from the 
exposure to the heat from the brakes... The norm that I've seen is to leave 
the aircraft parked for at least 30 minutes to allow the pads to cool down. 
Then the aircraft either returns on its own or is towed back to the terminal.


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