Re: 737 overwing exits

Organization: University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.
Date:         08 Aug 95 01:45:12 
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Having flown on Lufthansa, British Airways, InterEuropean, and British
Midland 737-400s and Lufthansa, Air France, British Midland and Monarch
737-300s this year, in all their saftey cards (and on the InterEuropean
safety video) they show the exits being discarded outside the aircraft.
The 737-200s operated in the UK have the window seat removed on the
overwing exits rows, and on the 300/400 series, the seat pitch is
roughly 38ins to allow a fully grown adult to stand up and remove the
exit. A neat trick by Swissair on their f100s was to not sell one seat
in the overwing row, and have it as a crew seat (this might have changed
when the F100 went from 3 class to 2 class as when I flew LHR-BSL-LHR
they had 3 class and 4 cabin crew for about 80 pax!! And the flight was
full! However, is anyone conviced about the safety of the (primarily
European operated) 757s which have the full size exit behind the wing
(also fitted to BA 767-300s) which swings downwards when opened. If the
aircraft carried out a gear up landing, would it impede the deployment
of the slide?