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Date:         08 Aug 95 01:45:12 
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  or MIME structure (Walter Baeck) wrote:
>Could anyone tell me what the fastest reported speed is for an
>airliner till now ? (Could you express this speed in mph or km/hr
>instead of Mach numbers..?)

>Actually, I am interested int the fastest air speed reached for any
>plane, but I fear that reports on military prototypes might be biased.

The fastest airliner ever flown to date was the Tupolev Tu-144, (flew
rev. svs from 1977 to 1983 with Aeroflot), with a top speed of m2.4 or
about 1550mph. and a cruis alt of 60000 - 65000ft
My Uncle flew Blackbirds over  the former Soviet Union from Japan in
the early 80's.  He says that they regularly  reached m4.4 or about
2800 mph.  Further still, according to Janes Defence Almanac
(c.1986-7) the famed USAF   X-15 rocket plane reached speeds in excess
of m6.2 (3900mph!)                                 - JCD  USAF AVMAINT