Re: Fastest airliner ?

From: (Steve Howie)
Organization: University of Guelph
Date:         08 Aug 95 01:45:10 
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John Carr ( wrote:
: A few years ago an airliner (a 727?) was hijacked.  The hijacker shot
: the crew and the airplane did a power on dive into the ground.  I heard
: that it went supersonic in the last seconds.  I'm not sure whether to
: believe that -- 700 kts at low altitude is probably well above the
: structural limit.

That was a Bae146 owned by a regional airline in the SW of the US
(PSA??). A disgruntled ex-employee of the airline smuggled a gun aboard,
forced his way into the cockpit and shot the flight crew. The plane then
initiated a rather unorthodox descent profile (90 degrees) and screamed
into the ground.

Apparently the largest piece of wreckage left was about the size of your
I think the chances of being close to 700 Kts. were good, but I can
imagine there would all kinds of factors which would come into play with
that kind of plunge. Were the engines still going or did they flame out?
Air resistance etc.etc.


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