What happened to structural failures?

From:         rfphilpo@ra.lib.ucalgary.ca (Robin Frederick Philpotts)
Organization: The University of Calgary
Date:         03 Feb 95 01:47:28 
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	Canadian Airlines is one of two major airlines in Canada
and the backbone of there fleet are about 30 Boeing 737-200's
that are on average 20 years old. After the accident involving a
similar Aloha Airlines flight in Hawaii involving the structural
failure of their fuselage it was forecast that disaster would
strike all similar aircraft. Out of caution I switched flying
Canadian and started flying on Air Canada which have amuch more
modern fleet consisting mainly of A320's. It turns out that this
caution was wrong as the 737's are still flying safe and sound.
With such venerable aircraft, such as the 737-200, flying heavily
all over the world shouldn't there be concern for structural
safety? Or can we thank modern inspection techniques for
providing safety?

	Rob Philpotts