Slight lateral shaking in back of 777?

From: (Daniel P. B. Smith)
Date:         08 Aug 95 01:45:08 
Organization: The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA
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My first flight on a 777 took place a week ago.  I happened to be sitting
very close to the aft end, second or third row from the rear.  Throughout
the entire flight, there was a noticeable constant side-to-side bumpiness.
It continued throughout the flight, with almost the same magnitude and
characteristics.  It felt for all the world like the side-to-side shaking
you sometimes get in a railroad train!  It was exclusively lateral; there
was not a hint of up-and-down motion.  The flight was generally very smooth,
with the usual slight changes between glassy-smooth and very-slightly-bumpy.
The lateral motion did not change characteristics (it did not go away in the
glassy-smooth sections or increase in the slightly-bumpy sections).

The shaking had a tight, controlled, _machinery_ feeling to it (as
opposed to a "pilot's-hand-on-the-control" feeling or an "air-and-wind"

As luck would have it, I was in the very rear row of seats on a 727-200
yesterday (Chicago to Boston, midday) and can confirm that whatever I'm
describing was absent in the 727.  The back of a 727 makes both small
vertical and lateral motions, which "feel" like air-and-wind, and like
human-pilot-adjusting-a-control.  The 777's motions were very distinctive
and not like anything else I've felt in a plane while flying.

The side-to-side motions on the 777 were not large--didn't interfere at
all with cups of water on the tray.  They were not alarming.  They were
not particularly uncomfortable, although, as with side-to-side swaying in
a railroad train, they mar the glossy perfection one might have hoped to
find in Boeing's latest.

But I did wonder what the hell they were.  Anybody know?

Daniel P. B. Smith