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From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         30 Jul 95 13:02:12 
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Bryan Opalka <> asked on 28 Jul 95 02:53:22:-

> With all the talk about the 717 here lately, it got me thinking of
> another Boeing airliner that I have not heard much about for quite a
> while...the 7J7.
> Does anyone know that status of that project?

The 7J7 was Boeing's original proposal to develop a fully fly-by-wire
competitor to the A320 (similar size, similar market niche, etc.) in
collaboration with a Japanese firm. The 7J7 was abandoned at a fairly
early stage of development (or even study - it didn't get far enough
to qualify as development) in favour of what has become the 777.
A lot of the design ideas were reused, however. For example, GEC's
work on the primary flight controllers for the 777 was originally
started as part of the 7J7 project.

This was quick reply (i.e., going from memory, without taking time
to look up any references, hence highly error-prone! :-)

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