Re: Oldest B747

From: (Alan Meehan)
Organization: National Microelectronics Research Centre, Ireland.
Date:         03 Feb 95 01:47:28 
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John Dill (ak336@cleveland.Freenet.Edu) wrote:

: Braniff Intl flew a B747-100 on it's Hawaii route and then Houston
: to London. I believe the aircraft managed an incredible 15 hour per day
: usage during it's years with Branniff. It was later sold to a charter
: outfit I think, and now sits forlornly, stripped of engines, at an
: airport in New York.

: It may possibly be the highest time B747 around. Anyone know for sure?

I have read that Sabena's 747-129 OO-SGA was the highest-time 747 on
its retirement last year. The big orange went to Tower Air and was
stored at JFK where I saw it in June 1992. I believe it has been scrapped,
although I'm not sure of this.