Re: B737 Overwing Exits

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Date:         30 Jul 95 13:02:11 
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In article <airliners.1995.1111@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
(DadE0788) wrote:

> Instructions for operating the overwing exit doors on older 737's require
> that the door panel be opened and placed in the passenger row in front of
> you.  Other planes have the operator ditch the door panel out the opening.
> With planes flying so full, how could they possibly be serious about
> putting it in a row of seats.  (specifically, this comes from
> Continental's 737's)

Pitching the door out the opening isn't too easy for someone who is
excited and doing it without any practice.

[Thump!  Bang!
"Turn it around!"
Bump!  Clang!
"The OTHER way around!"...]

If the plane is off the end of the runway, and the smell of jet fuel is
heavy in the air, and the flight crew is saying "Evacuate the

Every single seat on the aircraft will in fact be empty--most especially
in the exit rows.

[The former occupants being thoroughly engrossed in getting the heck out
of dodge...]