Re: B737 Overwing Exits

From: (Anthony Mackay)
Organization: University of Guelph
Date:         30 Jul 95 13:02:10 
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DadE0788 ( wrote:
: Instructions for operating the overwing exit doors on older 737's require
: that the door panel be opened and placed in the passenger seat...etc..

: With planes flying so full, how could they possibly be serious about
: putting it in a row of seats.

I have heard it said that this is so that passengers don't damage an
expensive door in the event that the sudden evacuation turns out to be
a false alarm.

I suppose there could be some concern about passengers landing heavily
on the door which they have just chucked out.

On a very slightly related matter, I have heard it said that there can
sometimes be real difficulty getting passengers to leave without their
belongings in the case where there is no readily observable danger.
You may think I am joking in saying this, but I have heard that British
package tourists definitely want to take their duty free with them
down the slides.  Or, perhaps that's just the Scottish passengers!