Re: GE90 troubles make page 1 of the Wall St. Journal

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Date:         30 Jul 95 13:02:07 
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>My guess that the "full-strength" GE90 engines will be a bit much for the
>stretch 747. Isn't GE pursuing a new generation CF6-80CX engine that might
>be a better fit?

I doubt they even need that.  Using the back of a virtual envelope,
assume a stretch gains 20% in weight and thrust.  That would give it
a MGTOW of over 1,000,000 lbs, significantly higher than they'll be
able to pull out of the 747.  But 20% more thrust would only be about
67,000 lbs per engine, slightly less than what's needed for an A330.
GE still uses the CF6-80 series for the A330, so I don't see them
needing to suffer the weight and drag penalties of the GE90 to power
a 747 stretch.

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