Re: Unjamming Gear on 747 - how?

From: (Loco Hombre)
Organization: Los Dos Locos
Date:         28 Jul 95 02:53:19 
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> Here's what the resourceful crew came up with (directed by ATC):
> - put pax through get-cushion-double-up-and-yell(for-TV-effect) routine
> - dive steeply to the accompaniment of many merry warning sounds
> - pull up sharply, thereby...
> - pulling g's and poppin' gear (on second attempt)
>Airliners Question (I hope, Karl read this far):
> - Is poppin-jammed-gear-by-pullin-g's an acknowledged procedure for
>   airliners, or at all a viable RL(tm), as opposed to TV, option?

I have read several articles, none of which come readily to mind, of pilots
performing similar manaevers to lower stuck gear.  If I remember correctly,
Flying magazine had an article about 3 years ago, that detailed the efforts
of a 727 crew to lower stuck gear by pulling g's. I also vaguely remember
a 737 crew trying that and a 767 crew also...these happened roughly 7
years ago.  Haven't heard of any incidents lately, and strangely, don't
recall any McDonald or Airbus aircraft doing the g pull-ups...maybe they
aren't strong enough? <G>