Re: PW4000 vs GE90

From: (George Mantis)
Organization: Boston University
Date:         28 Jul 95 02:53:18 
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TriStar500 ( wrote:
: >What about the reliability of this Engine?

: A recent Wall Street Journal article on the GE90 noted that the shutdown
: rate of the PW4000 was 7 times higher then that of the CF6.

: I personally wouldn't put any PW engine design that's newer than a JT8D on
: my airplane.

You should realize, the CF6 is a much older series than the PW4000, so CFM
International has had a LOT more time to "iron out the kinks" than Pratt &
Whitney. Besides: the GE90 is NOT part of the CF6 series!

The GE90 is an all-new engine; the PW4084 is a derivative posessing all of the
proven technologies of its predecessors. Therefore, P&W engines on your 777
would be a wise investment. (Case in point: look at all the "adjustments" GE
had to make to its GE90 following thenukerouse difficulties they experienced
during the 777 flight test program.)

Finally: the PW2000 series are at least as reliable as any of the old JT8D's.
Check your facts on the B-757 and C17 (which uses the military version of the

No offense, but I hope you're not involved in technical purchasing for any

--George C. Mantis

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